Denied Workers’ Compensation Claim

Denied Workers Compensation Claim

A serious workplace injury can leave you with a wide range of hardships, including steep medical bills and lost pay. A workplace injury does not automatically result in workers’ compensation benefits. Many workers’ compensation claims are denied, even when they are valid.

Our attorneys represent people who have been injured on the job and have been denied their workers’ compensation benefits. If your benefits have been denied, you may face significant financial hardship as you struggle with medical bills and disability. We are here to help.

Has Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Been Denied?

Common arguments employers and insurance companies employ to deny workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • The condition is not as severe as reported
  • The injury is due to a pre-existing condition
  • The injury did not take place at work
  • Your injury allows you to do other work
  • You did not give the employer notice of your injury within 30 days

Our workers’ compensation lawyers are well versed in the tactics insurance companies employ to limit or outright deny workers’ compensation benefits. We will put our skill and experience to work to help you obtain the benefits you need to pay your medical bills and put food on the table.

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