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Regrettably, here in our office, we have handled many serious personal injury cases involving traumatic amputations, usually arising in the context of a bad car accident or tractor-trailer collision. Just this past week, we settled a case involving a young man who lost his foot. Not long ago we settled an automobile accident case involving a gentleman who lost his leg. In both cases, we were reminded just how traumatic these cases can be for the innocent victims of the negligence of third parties. Suffice it to say, such injuries have life altering consequences that are permanent in nature, both physically and psychologically. The good news is that many of these clients can through modern medical treatment go on to live full and happy lives. For some, however, the road to recovery is a very long one.truck accident attorneys odessa tx

One of the issues one must deal with in these cases is the need for a prosthetic device which will have to be replaced many times over time. Most prosthetic devices only last for a few years and have to be refitted or replaced. These devices many times are hand made and custom fitted and are very expensive. Thus, when analyzing the needs of such a client over the course of his or her life, one has to take into consideration how many different prostheses will be needed to address the client’s needs into the future. Of course, any time any one loses a limb, particularly a leg, there can be collateral consequences to the rest of the body. If one loses a right leg then the left leg has much more strain on it as does the back and the entire body. This can result in other problems for the client in addition to the amputation. Moreover, as discussed above, there is also the problem of psychological adjustment to these very serious injuries. One’s self image obviously can be greatly affected and depending on the makeup of the individual, either the adjustment is a good one, that is the client does adjust, or a bad one, that is that they simply cannot adjust to the lifestyle change and the overall change in their life. More information on this website @
A traumatic amputation case not only effects one physically and mentally but can result in profound consequences for one’s career. If one’s occupation involves a great deal of manual labor, obviously, the consequences of such an injury can be devastating. Climbing ladders, stooping, bending, lifting, all of these activities which so many of us take for granted can be greatly affected by a traumatic limb amputation.

Our experience handling these cases has indicated that one must be extremely cautious in trying to assess the needs of such clients. Professionals have to be consulted with respect to the future costs of prosthetic devices, the future costs of medical care, the likely consequences of the injury on other parts of the body and an assessment of the economic impact of the injury as it pertains to the client’s occupation. Great care and attention to all of these matters must be observed if the client’s interests are to be effectively represented. Click on this link for more information @

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