Personal Injury Law : Truck Accident Attorneys

Personal Injury Law : Truck Accident Attorneys

A truck accident attorney help injury victims for several years. He is very much committed to fighting for your rights and will aggressively pursue the full settlement you’re eligible to for medical charges, lost pay, pain and suffering, mental anguish and other damages. Hundreds of accidents go unreported in US every year. Many other victims suffer because of someone else’s negligence as they struggle to pay their medical bills. More here @ accident attorneys

Speeding is sometimes the cause of truck accidents. In addition to violating the posted speed limit, drivers can also be ticketed for speeding if they are driving at a speed that is unsafe for the current conditions. Like any other motorists, truck drivers must be aware of this. Truck accident attorneys are professional attorneys dedicated to get every possible element of compensation and justice for the victims of speeding driver accidents. That also includes exploring and pursuing the prospect of seeking punitive damages against the speeding driver, where appropriate. Punitive damages are added monetary compensation to the injured victim, meant to make an example of the speeding driver’s terrible misconduct at issue as well as to prevent further similar acts.

If you want to increase your chances of winning your case, it is advisable to acquire legal assistance from a truck accident attorney. Listed here are two ways on how to find the best truck accident attorney:

Surf the web. Many truck accident attorneys use the power of the web to market their services. Meet the attorney in person to know him more before you decide in getting his services. Take time to know the background of the truck accident attorney. The information you gather there will move you one step to hiring the services of that attorney.
Ask for referrals. Friends and relatives who’ve been in a case like yours and have won it will tell you who can attend to your needs. Go ahead and ask them if they were satisfied not with just the outcome of their case but if working with that truck accident attorney is a pleasant experience.

If the truck driver responsible for your injuries has been ticketed for speeding and other violations in the past, a truck accident attorney may be able to go above and beyond the standard compensation and seek punitive damages. They will investigate your case thoroughly, and if applicable they will build a case that shows the driver demonstrated a conscious disregard for the well being of others. Click here @

For the personal attention and honest legal counsel you need during this difficult time, get in touch with a truck accident attorney soon after an accident. They give free consultations and will not collect a fee if you don’t collect compensation. Your truck accident attorney provides you with all of the help you need if you find yourself involved in a truck accident.

Union Labor Law Arbitration

Union Labor Law ArbitrationRepresenting the Rights and Interests of Unions

Our Labor attorneys also have extensive knowledge in handling charges, claims, and cases before various administrative agencies, including the National Labor Relations Board, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Tennessee Human Rights Commission.

Our attorneys have represented and advised labor unions, their leadership, and their members on a wide range of legal issues including:

  • Collective bargaining / contract negotiation
  • Grievances
  • Arbitrations
  • unfair labor practices
  • Duty of fair representation
  • Contract interpretation
  • Administration of apprenticeship programs
  • Davis-Bacon
  • Administration of ERISA trust funds, including pension and health-and-welfare trust funds

Since our firm’s inception in 1969, we have represented labor unions from a wide range of fields, including central labor councils, building and construction trade councils, and various trades including iron workers, electricians, plumbers and steam fitters. We use our vast experience and knowledge of labor law to vigorously advance, defend, and protect the rights of each labor organization we serve.

In addition to our extensive experience in labor and union law matters, we strive to provide each client with the highest quality legal service. Our attorneys work closely with clients to provide highly personalized, accessible and responsive representation.

Social Security Disability

Person Hand Over Social Security Disability Claim Form

If you have suffered an injury or illness that has kept you out of work for at least a year, and have previously paid into the Social Security system, you may be entitled to Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. Our attorneys are extremely knowledgeable in this area and can provide you with advice that can aid in your pursuit of benefits.

  • We dedicate ourselves to assisting you throughout the process of filing for SSD, from application to appeals. There is an abundance of paperwork involved in this process. Our office is extremely organized and can assist you in efficiently filling out paperwork and preparing you for what tends to be a rigorous questioning at the SSD office. We also assist clients in understanding and applying for supplemental security income (SSI) if necessary.
  • Many individuals are turned down for benefits the first time they apply for Social Security disability. The process is designed to filter out some claims in order to ensure that the individuals who are granted SSD benefits are really in need of these funds.